What is ADA Accessible Design?

ac·ces·si·ble [adjective] easily used or accessed by people with disabilities, adapted for use by people with disabilities.

All services and recommendations are comprehensive utilizing resources, collaborating with other professionals, and client focused. Having an occupational therapist at the table provides additional insight on the overall design aspects factoring in the person, their space(s) or environment, and their level of function. With or without a disability, all people are presented with different levels of function which can be affected by various personal factors such as health (medical conditions/injuries from physical dysfunction to progressive neurological dysfunction), gender, age, height, etc. The current environment can present challenges for any level of function regardless if you have a disability or not, thus impacting the level of independence and safety. 

NEW Spaces

Clients and their needs are evaluated to create a proactive design plan in determining the best fit of their space to remain in place now and in the future for new construction projects.

OLD Spaces

Clients are evaluated in their existing space in determining the specific modifications or needs that will make their spaces fit now and in the future. This may be a home for someone with a progressive neurological disorder or a family wanting to live in their home forever (aka: aging in place).

Who are the clients?

  • Consumers with or without disabilities

  • Families and caregivers

  • Businesses / offices

  • Developers / contractors

  • Design professionals

Blue Day 2 Designs is willing to work with you on any project to create liveABLE, visitABLE, workABLE, FUNctional, and enjoyABLE spaces.