Floor Layout Designs

Main Floor
Master Suite

The home of an active elder couple was built in the late 1960s when they had 4 young children. While they now entertain to several children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, they wanted to eliminate taking the stairs daily and remain on the main floor for all daily and social activities making it easier and safer for trips to/from their master suite. Their main floor guest bedroom and small bathroom with a single vanity was converted into a master suite. They chose the design layout that required extending the bedroom into part of the 3rd car garage leaving enough space to park their golf cart. The bedroom walk-in closet was converted into a curbless, walk-in shower. Minimal structural changes but yet functional and safe designs.


Blue Day 2 Designs
Homeowners + daughters

Services Provided

Floor Plan Design (3 options presented)
Product Guidance + Selection

The Details

The interview took place at the clients’ home with their daughter present. Blue Day 2 Designs presented the family with 3 different floor plan designs to maximize the use of their available space. The clients chose a plan in the middle cost range and presented the final plan to their contractor. The remainder of this project was completed virtually and by phone due to clients living in another state.

Project and product guidance was provided and communicated with homeowners and their daughter coordinating with the contractor and trades on the job site. Products included grab bars, toilet paper assist bar, bidet, shower faucets, and tile sizing / finishes. The clients requested specific products and was provided with research and shipping of products to improve their self-care and safety within their bathroom. The final finishes were customized to the clients taste and final location of equipment was based on client use of space.