A podcast series hosted by Just a Couple of Pickles, Andrew + Tiffany Dill, sharing life’s lessons and everything they wished they knew before building a home. They are also great “Dill” finders and love sharing all the tips and strategies from building a home, to traveling, geeking out and more. A show with humor, spreading some positive vibes for life is too short to sweat the small stuff. Humor is cheap medicine and part of the Dills daily life. 



Season One…

Episode 1: Introducing the Dills…

Andrew and Tiffany (podcast virgins) introduce you to their new show, who they are and what it’s all about. Stay tuned to their show for updates on things they wished they knew before building their dream home, geeking out, and sharing their “Dill” finding strategies on house products, technology, travel tips, and more on lifestyle

Episode 2: Renting the benefits

Episode 2, the Dills share their experiences and the benefits of renting (for 10 years!) and how they survived! They share stories of their small spaces and how it didn’t stop them from entertaining including hosting a family of 10+ people in their apartment and condo during the Holidays or weekends and even hosting frequent out of town friends/visitors! Listen to this week’s episode to hear more about how they found more pros with renting than cons.

Episode 3: Finding a real estate agent & more

The Dills share some fun facts, memories of house hunting and how they found their real estate agent. Their tips may (or may not) help on the search for the best agent. And, oh, Tiffany reveals the topic of Andrew’s random but “practical” purchases.

Episode 4: Real estate talk with Gay Gordon

The Dills invited their patient and very client-centered realtor, Gay Gordon to the show! Where they reflected on more house hunting stories and learned more about the history of real estate from Gay. Gay also shares a few tips of her own from how to enhance and prep your home to sell and tips for buyers. 

Episode 5 [Part I]: On the property hunt

Andrew and Tiffany recap some tips from last episode’s Real Estate Talk and chat it up on things to think about before signing your life away on land to build: including behind the scenes investigation, understanding the difference between construction and home loans, and more.

Episode 6 [Part II]: On the property hunt continues

As first time home builders, the Dills share how they wished they would’ve known the importance and priority of budgeting for a knowledgeable licensed landscape architect – especially if your municipality requires landscape plans. Tiffany has had some caffeine, Andrew’s ADHD kicks in which explains all the weaving, random small talk and their obsession with “Dill” finders.

Episode 7: Dill Finders & Lighting

Tired of making decisions, talking about the house building process, and just need a mental break? This is a fun, off-topic episode where the Dills talk about their exciting Dill Finders, share their favorite stores for bargains, and Andrew geeks out on lighting.

Episode 8: More Dill finds & discount tips!

Andrew & Tiffany share more of their Dill finds on house savings! Tiffany offers some tips on planning ahead on closet designs. And, they share their discovery on how they saved “big” on their closet design and installation! It’s not too late to sign up for the Cardinal Glennon Card (for St. Louis residents to shop local and save 20%!). Listen to this episode for all the details!

Episode 9: Design your happy space with Jenny Elfrink

Andrew and Tiffany introduce special guest, their master closet designer, Jenny Elfrink from NewSpace Organization. Here you will learn and hear about the process of the Dill’s closet design and how Jenny got into the business of designing and organizing new spaces!