My Story…

Growing up with hearing loss since my toddler years was not an impairment that made me feel disabled unless I ran into barriers within my environment particularly social settings or large settings such as churches, conferences, broadway plays, or classrooms. I always relied on a note taker (or personal microphone), another being who could confirm what I heard was correct or provide me with the cool facts I missed. However, if anyone needed me translate what the refs said on the TV or get the scoop on the conversation across the room I was the person because the secret…I can read lips.


Living with limited decibel ranges did not prevent me from trying anything. In fact, if there were hurdles my strengths either figured a way around them or chose another route that was more fitting. The environments that offered me free range, confidence, or didn’t rely on me to trust my hearing are the great outdoors and sports…particularly triathlons. The wind, water, fresh air, scenery always brought me freedom and endorphins of peace, joy, energy.


It is the blend of my passion and drive with my education, work, and volunteer experiences that operate as the foundation to serve my clients. After designing and building an accessible and visitable home not just for my husband and I but for all our family and friends, the concept flourished into this design business with a goal to bring joy and happiness into the environments accessed by all users.