Blue Day 2

de·sign [noun] a plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building, garment, or other object before it is built or made; a deliberate purposive planning.

On Day 2, God created wide open spaces, the skies [Genesis 1:8]. The Creator of all things designed heaven on earth with majestic views and scenery from the Blue skies, to the deep blue-green seas, snowcapped mountains, luxurious greenery, and illuminating the skies with a spectrum of colors during the sunrises/sunsets and evening stars. These natural elements attract all available senses and applied to designing spaces to improve the overall well-being for ALL people.


Blue Day 2 Designs evolved from childhood dreams of an occupational therapist with a passion and drive to inspire and serve others while honoring God. Tiffany, a proactive, forward thinker with a vision for designing spaces, has married her profession, her love for architecture and spatial design, her educational background in public health and transformed them into one unique package…a design consultant. After years of dreaming about building a home, touring Homearamas in the summers and taking notes throughout the years while living on a farm in Kentucky, her dreams recently became a reality and her business concept flourished. She brings a little touch of her old Kentucky home, medical knowledge, creativity, her love for the great outdoors, and client-centered concepts into her design practice.