What is Blue
Day 2 Designs


Wide Open Spaces

Genesis 1:8

In the beginning, the Creator of all things designed the heavens and earth which were engulfed in wide open spaces.  Light and darkness was formed into day and night and the spacious skies were developed on Day 2. God’s impeccable craftsmanship was on display!  The majestic views and scenery shouted out God’s handiwork: blue skies, deep blue-green seas, snowcapped mountains, luxurious greenery, colorful sunrises and sunsets, and even a twinkle of stars. All of that from wide open spaces.  Wow!  -That’s the kind of space that inspired Blue Day 2 Designs. An occupational therapist turned childhood dreams of helping people and bringing joy to lives into a business that followed a similar pattern of Genesis 1:8.  Designing open spaces into beautiful places.




Your Design Consultant

Tiffany C. Dill

Living with a hearing impairment throughout life challenged Tiffany to seek new routes and adventures within her environments particularly large, social settings. Her passion lies deep in helping others discover new ways to face their challenges. This means bringing joy and happiness into the environments shared by all people. This love of adventure and challenge bloomed into a design consulting business. Her passion and work experience with various clinical settings, along with her involvement in building a dream home for accessibility, has given her first-hand knowledge on functional designs. She understands the need for purposeful designs to live safely and independently within the space of all places from work, home, and play. She has the unique groundwork that operates as the blueprint for creating thoughtful and meaningful spaces. 


Sixteen years of healthcare experience + research, home assessments, community volunteer home building projects + camps for children of disabilities, building a home from blueprint to final touches. 

Adaptive Equipment + Medical Conditions

Designs influenced by current and progressive conditions + guided by a licensed occupational therapist + factoring in the use of adaptive equipment into designs.


Foundation of designs based on Universal Design + Inclusive Design principles, research + consumer outcomes, + ergonomics.  


Education background in public health, occupational therapy, universal design courses, + achieved an executive certificate in home modifications.

Have a Question?

Common F.A.Q.

How do I get started?

To get started, simply send us an email or give us a call to set up a free consultation or chat if you have any specific questions. Or, simply complete our online intake form to start the process on how we can help. 

Do I have to find a contractor if modifications are needed?

No. We work with contractors and other trades and will provide you with options prior to starting on a construction project. If you already have a contractor, we can work with them to ensure your designs and goals are being met. 

What services do you provide?

Each project and each client is unique and therefore, our services are customizable to you and your needs. Learn more about our services and package options on our Services page. 

Are you an interior designer?

Not quite, but we work as a team with certified designers such as architects, interior, kitchen and bath designers and consult on product selection, design layouts, and more. Therefore, your design packages include access to these comprehensive services.

What are the advantages of using your services?

There is not one standard tool for all or one person to master the project. We value inter-professional collaboration and provide a comprehensive, custom package specialized for your abilities in your space(s). We advocate to your specific design goals by bringing our expertise and knowledge of medical conditions and ergonomics. We proactively design with evidence-based and universal design principles for your space now and in the future. We value our collaboration with architects, contractor, designers, and various trades to ensure the optimal outcome. 

Do you have references?

Yes! All references are available upon requests. We respect our clients’ privacy and therefore, only share references that have been granted by client permission.

How do you charge?

Our design service packages start at $99 with initial consultation. After the initial assessment, additional consultation services can be added and vary in costs due to the customization of projects. A flat fee is for written, detailed reports with recommendations, referrals, and resources and sketches based on the scope of the project that can be shared with other team members involved such as the architect, contractors, and designers. Oversight of projects from start to finish or project management are charged by the hour. Check out the Pricing page for package costs. 

What is the difference between ADA accessibility and universal designs?

ADA accessibility is commonly recognized and are standards that set minimum requirements applied to government facilities and public places of accommodations, transportation, and commercial facilities. The foundation of universal designs principles is a guide used in designs to develop environments, products, and communications that can be used by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need or adaption of specialized design. Check out the Resources tab to learn more about various design terms. 

Still have questions?

Set up your interview by phone today to assess your area of needs and determine if our services are a good fit for you. From here, we can help you build the package that will fit your needs to identify additional services or referrals that may benefit and help you achieve optimal function within your space(s).